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Q: About turn around time:


A: Samples lead time in 7 days after artwork is ready. The printing time is depending on the specifications of your printing order. Our production time is generally 6-8 days, Orders with post-press finishing such as membrane coating, binding, paperhanging, die cutting, bronzing, etc generally take more days. The goods can be delivered by air or by sea. If your goods are very urgently needed, we suggest part of your goods is dispatched by air or courier, and the other are shipped by sea. The approximate transit time by air or courier is 4-6 days.  




Q: Artworks format we accept:


A: The preferred format is high resolution AI format. Other formats are acceptable too, such as PDF, EPS, PSD files etc. It’s important that you send the fonts and image links together with your artworks in case our system doesn’t have the fonts you use for your artworks. Please convert the text into paths or curves in order that they can be correctly displayed. Make sure that necessary images with high resolution are in the document. (The picture resolution is no lower than 300 dips)




Q: Can you provide a proof to prove before printing?


A: A proof is a term used by printing departments that means we printed a trial version of your packaging or white box, so you can look at it and confirm it is the way you want it. Normally our hard copy proofs are printed by high quality laser printer or full colors printing machines (cost for them are different). We are pleased to offer the hard copy proofs before printing, but we will have to ask you to pay extra cost, especially when you need full colors printed samples by printing machines. Turnaround time for proofing is 4-6 days (including shipping back by courier)




Q: Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):


A: Kindly be noted that our minimum order quantity would be 3,000 copies for either packaging/item, if you need less than this, we also can make it but the cost will be higher than normal.




Q: How to send the artwork to us?


A: You can send files by E-mail or by using our web link. Emails over 15MB will be rejected. You also can ask our salesman for more information before sending.